Grass-fed Longhorn Beef for Sale

Why Choose Longhorn Beef?

Longhorn beef is celebrated for its exceptional quality and unique characteristics that set it apart from other types of beef. Take a look at the below image to see why longhorn beef is the best choice:

grass fed longhorn beef on the left store bought beef on the right

The picture shows store-bought beef on the right and our grass-fed longhorn beef on the left.

Store-bought beef is often pumped full of additives and preservatives, including propyl gallate, to protect against spoilage due to long-term air exposure. In contrast, longhorn beef is more natural.

With store-bought beef, there’s no guarantee of its origin or how many cows make up the package. It could contain scraps from multiple cows sourced from all over the world. While store-bought beef might have the USDA label on it, this only guarantees that it was packaged in the USA. The beef could come from anywhere!

Longhorn beef, however, is 100% guaranteed to come from a single cow raised in Lakeland, Florida.

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